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Birthday (36 years)
April 16, 1985

Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning

Texas A&M University

Devon graduated in May 2009. He is a Licensed Landscape Architect in Utah (#9174028-5301) and Iowa (#LA00709). He currently resides in Umbria, Italy in a villa with a 200+ olive grove.

Projects - Printable Portfolio (4.4 MB PDF)

Subdivision Master Plan: College Station, Texas

65 66 657 68IFLA 2008 Competition Submission. Goal was to establish a design to realize a new balance between nature and the human environment; main focus on water management.

The design implemented, detention ponds, tree box filters, vegetated swales, permeable pavement, and sheet flow stabilizers incorporated into a multi-density community.

This was a group submission between Devon Blosch, Pamela Humphrey, Joanna Kasper, & Cody Johnson.

Marina & Resort: Aransas Pass, Texas
61 63The city of Aransas Pass requested environmental tourists destination. The solution was a new marina and hotel resort. Both projects incorporated environmental recreation, such as, boating, fishing, & birding. This project was in the top 10, out of 36, to be reviewed in more detail by the city broad.
Southwest Park: College Station, Texas

56City of College Station requested a park for college age and active adults.

The solution included small parking (relying on walkabilty of the surrounding area), exercise equipment, basketball courts, rock climbing wall, fields, play equipment for younger children, and covered areas.

In addition to activities, the park required extra safety measures because of the surrounding area. Open tree sight lines from the roads and over sized walkways for emergency vehicles to reach the exercise equipment and rock wall was very important.

Hanging, Self-watering, and Modular Planter

58LAND Construction Task.


Design a planter that can be inside or outside. The planter must be able to be moved by two people. It must be easily reproducible and shipped.

The solution was a module planter inspired by the chinese rain chains. The top module is a reservoir that hold over 3 gallons of water. Under each module is a valve that control the stream of water. The water drips from module to module creating specific ecological zones (based on the above valve opening). In the image, the top zone is a wetland, second is a temperate zone, and the bottom is a arid zone. The modules can be added or subtracted using the chain and hooks.


Download AutoCAD Detail PDF to see how it works, and to build one.

Corps' Quad Analysis: College Station, Texas

LAND 318: Project 5A The quadrangle is an area on Texas A&M University that encompasses all the corp dorms. The buildings enclose an area which is named the quad.

This project looked at the aging quad area and provided solutions to the problems. New lighting, planting, site drainage, site grading, gathering areas, and atmosphere marketing were some of the design solutions.

The research and analysis part of this project was group collaboration between Devon Blosch, Pamela Humphrey and Brad Frerick.

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